Friday, July 4, 2014

Paleo Slushie

I've got to give credit for this recipe to "The King of Random" and his awesome YouTube channel that features cool science experiments and life hacks. I was able to use his experiment for the Self Freezing Soda with a nice tasty bottle of flavored sparkling water for a refreshing Paleo Slushie. Here is the video that inspired me:

Because every freezer is different, it took me a few tries to find just the right amount of time to keep my bottle in the freezer, so a little trial and error may be in order for you. But, it is totally possible to do this!

I grabbed a few bottles of sparkling water that were no sugar added (the only other ingredient is natural flavor) and shook them up vigorously:

Then I dropped it in the freezer and took about 2hrs 45min to get to the right temperature:

Then I carefully opened the cap to release the pressure, closed the cap tightly, and turned the bottle over a few times to begin the chain reaction of freezing:

The consistency wasn't 100% frozen and there was still a little liquid (and it melts quickly after pouring), but I found I liked the part watery, part icy consistency and thought this was quite the refreshing and tasty beverage:
mmmm... science

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  1. I have also had the same experience with sparkling water jammie thanks for sharing your story your marration skills are so impressive too keep sharing such stories